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Push & Block - Presents the new alarm on SYMPHONY

Published the 12.06.2019

BURGLAR ALARM Installable on

SYMPHONY ST 125i-200i air cooling
SYMPHONY S 125i air cooling

The Push & Block burglar alarm was also created for the Symphony range with air cooling.

Installation is extremely simple, it can be performed at any workshop in just 10 minutes.

PUSH&BLOCK it is the only patented mechanical antitheft device that puts in safety your vehicle, locking the stand with just one movement.

PUSH&BLOCK it is the most robust and sophisticated mechanical anti-theft device for motoveicoli, practically invisible because integrated to the central stand. Impossible to force and tamper.

The strength of P & B, in addition to its security, is the simplicity of its insertion. Indeed in activating the central easel will be easy to press with the foot and immobilize the motor vehicle.

PUSH&BLOCK has a double security, allows the parking of the vehicle in descent without any risk of accidental fall, if so forget entered during departure does not cause falls and damage, since the vehicle, having the wheel raised, cannot take the march.

PUSH&BLOCK it can be mounted on your vehicle in just 10 minutes. Buy it on the official website and contact yours trusted mechanic for the installation.

If you don't know who to contact to install it click here and find the nearest installation center.

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